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Quality commitment

Don Camarón began his activity in 1992. Its founder, Luis González Moreiro has more than 30 years serving the needs of all its clients: commercial establishments, restaurants and individuals.

Our Quality commitment has caused a remarkable growth of the company that, since its inception and until today, has tripled its staff in the administration and logistics departments. This growth has also occurred in the quantity and variety of products that we sell, without this ever having had an impact on a reduction in quality.

Don Camarón S. L. has triumphed in the market thanks to this Quality commitment that we have always maintained by carefully controlling the entire marketing process, from obtaining the product to its arrival at the customer's hands. In this way, our customers can be sure that fresh, frozen or prepared, our product is unmatched, unbeatable and, comparatively, superior to other similar products that the market can offer.

Requirement of professionalism from our suppliers, respect for fishery closure and all environmental regulations, and strict control of the cold chain (production, storage, transport and distribution) are the three pillars that ensure our customer Quality commitment .

dibujo crustáceo

Our product

Extractive fishing

We define extractive fishing as the capture of marine species on board fishing fleets, both industrial and artisanal. We differentiate the industrial from the artisanal by the size of the vessels and their storage capacity. Being handmade up to 18mts in length and 50 tons of thick register.


It consists of a single main branched line with hook lines connected to it. Its assembly depends on the place where the fish to be caught is.

Don Camarón around the World

don camaron import export seafood

We import from ...

Ireland, Holland, Russia, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Morocco, France and Portugal.

We export to ..

China, Italy, France, Portugal, USA, Mexico, Ireland and the United Kingdom

Where we are?

Our logistics center is distributed between Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, and we have a factory in Ireland: Yawl Bay Sea Food, the facilities where our star products are made.

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